Relevant Projects

Specialized Consulting for Contact Center Industry Case

Conduct a Comprehensive Consulting Assessment on the Operating Model of one of Colombia’s Most Established Call Centers.

In today’s dynamic landscape, contact centers are undergoing significant transformations in service operations, and our client is no exception. To thrive and become a key player in the BPO industry, they must modernize their business model by incorporating best practices from major competitors. This involves developing a roadmap to bridge the gap between a traditional contact center and the evolving BPO landscape.

This transformation requires strengthening processes to attract talent, ensuring proper equipment, and aligning operations with client KPIs. Additionally, it’s crucial to identify emerging technologies to maintain competitive, desirable, and cost-efficient offerings.

  • Designed a comprehensive strategy to attract and retain talent by incorporating streamlined processes leveraging technologies such as Face Recognition, OCR, and Workflows to digitalize the entire service.
  • Recommended solutions to improve the training process and provide better alternatives for adopting clients’ knowledge based on AI and robots. 
  • Constructed a Transformation Framework to capture transformation opportunities, either by automating processes or incorporating solutions that streamline clients’ operations.
  • Established a well-defined system management structure to control financial results.
  • Delivered the Fit to Success document, which encompasses the target structure, roles, job descriptions, and skills necessary to transition from a Traditional Contact Center to a BDO (Business Digital Outsourcing).

Flowers Industry Case

Design and develop the brand-new e-commerce platform for a flower distributor company that is part of one of the most important holding groups in the flower industry in Colombia.

This project consisted of designing and implementing Don Eloy’s new e-commerce platform, ensuring traceability of customers interested in the brand’s products, the payment process, and inventory control through it. Additionally, provide a simple, sophisticated, attractive digital experience with minimal friction for end users. Also, conduct an audit of Don Eloy’s digital strategy and assets to align them with its omnichannel vision and brand strategy.

  • Developed the client’s identity in the digital e-commerce industry. This exercise involved benchmarking luxury e-commerce brands and analyzing how they simplified the customer journey.
  • Executed a UX/UI workshop to determine which products and services would be commercialized via e-commerce. This phase of the process included defining delivery and payment methods, blog content, brand origins, and social responsibility initiatives, among other aspects.
  • Created a transactional and visually appealing user interface for flower enthusiasts to purchase products while ensuring a frictionless online experience.
  • Designed an Order Tracking solution to guarantee product traceability from shipping to delivery at the customer’s end.

Real Estate Industry Case

Design and implement an enhanced operating model to be outsourced for a Real Estate Company to seamlessly serve customers throughout the entire process, from initial application to securing a mortgage, all the way through the delivery of their own apartment.

NGDS initiated this project by conducting a series of discovery sessions with the key leaders of the real estate company to gain a comprehensive understanding of its current operations. Subsequently, NGDS delved into the floor operations to obtain a deeper knowledge of the processes, and finally returned with a proposal to transform the service, outsource it, and adopt the new model.

  • Delivered a transformation path for the existing model to be more Customer Centric.
  • Priced the model by offering a competitive and cost-effective plan incorporating synergies to generate savings through Automation and AI.
  • Built the operating model with a strong commitment to meet client existing KPIs and improved it in the medium term.

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Omar Ladino
Chief Executive Officer