Specialized Consultancy Services by Industry 

Tailored consultancy solutions for your industry’s unique business challenges. Our specialized consultancy delivers targeted expertise to drive your business forward, ensuring industry-specific success.

Strategic and Visionary Consulting

The NGDS Business Model Innovation Framework is designed to steer organizations towards creating, refining, or fundamentally transforming the way they generate value, deliver products, or services, and capture revenue.

For NGDS, this involves identifying novel methods to structure and operate a business, aiming to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technologies, redefining customer relationships, or exploring alternative revenue streams.

Business and Digital Transformation Services

The NGDS commitment to value lies in crafting and implementing fresh alternatives for running business processes with greater efficiency and adaptability to digital environments. Consequently, Digital Service Design emerges as a cornerstone in fulfilling our promise. Drawing inspiration from disruptive concepts such as AI, Intelligent Automation, and Machine Learning, we develop or redesign client business operations.

Business Analytics Consulting

The NGDS Analytics Service is founded upon the fundamental pillars of a robust analytics strategy. We lead corporations in defining Data Governance, understanding Business Challenges, and harnessing technologies to extract insights from multiple perspectives. Subsequently, we facilitate the transformation of these insights into actionable outcomes through traceability, reporting, visualization, and ultimately, the development of valuable business insights.

Cyber Consulting

NGDS recognizes the critical importance of cybersecurity in the face of rising cyber threats for companies. Hence, we’ve developed a structured and well-defined approach to effectively equip companies to tackle impending cybersecurity challenges. We aid companies in fortifying their networks, system profiles, and solutions, advocating a zero-trust approach through comprehensive infrastructure control. Acknowledging the transition of companies’ infrastructure to the cloud, it becomes imperative to bolster processes, policies, and procedures to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Digital Product Design and Go to Market Specialized Services

NGDS offers a comprehensive Go-to-Market (G2M) framework to assist companies in effectively launching solutions and ensuring the success of digital products in the marketplace. We begin with Digital Product Design Consultancy, guiding companies in creating intuitive, simple, and fast solutions from a UX/UI perspective, and extend to technically scalable and reliable solutions.